At the moment, the evidence is steadily growing that highlights the possibility of long term usage of mobile phones leading to an increase in brain tumour risk. If the purported risk to health is found to be true, this is likely to be a significantly greater risk for children and young people. Current government advice is that children and young people should only use their phones sparingly, and keep all calls short. This information leaflet should be included with every UK phone sale.


There are a number of specific objectives we have identified that we are aiming to achieve in the UK:

1) We are aiming to see some movement towards labelling of phones raising the awareness that this is an issue that will affect the consumer and their family. Even compulsory SAR labelling on the outside of a phone box would be a start, and has some precedent as the French are currently bringing in legislation demanding this.

2) We want to see all phones sold with compulsory headsets and the up to date Government Department of Health advice leaflet on minimising mobile phone use.

Campaign Plan

Real life stories of brain tumour victims

Lobbying politicians with an input into mobile phone policy on a national level.

Form letters for people to complete and send