Furious Channel 5 viewers vow ‘never’ to get a smart meter after ‘spying’ claims
‘Viewers of a Channel 5 show are warning ‘do not get a smart meter’ after learning they could be used to watch how you use energy.
The programme ‘Smart Meters: Should You Get One?’, hosted by Alexis Conran, talked about how these meters can tell energy companies and the government about your usage. During the show Alexis met a man called Mariano who showed him a video which outlined his concerns about smart meter ‘spying’ and how it’s technically possible.’
“At the end of the day, if you’re thinking about getting a smart meter, forget about stories you’ve seen on social media from people you’ve never met before, listen to the experts.”
Many viewers were fuming at this conclusion as they vowed never to get a smart meter.
@asklowley said: “Don’t get a smart meter. The energy companies will sell your data do you want that I have refused
@williamworthy said: “What shabby smart meter programme.”
@keithcubar said; “SMART METER. CHANNEL 5. 8.00 pm. Weds  . You can tell where the progs going by the bias. Use your own intelligence When anything is being pushed. I avoid , refuse it’s not usually in your best interests As is now be shown with the”
@thinkforaminute said; “Guy saying smart meter immediately saved him money from the minute it was installed. What twaddle. You have to change your behaviour and USAGE! Also said it said it talks to supplier every 30mins then also 5 mins.”
@raffertyry said: “So much wrong with this @channel5_tv docu on whether ppl shd hv a #smartmeter I dunno where to start 1 You DON’T need a smartmtr to get cheap rate leccy – get Economy10 meter for 3 hrs in afternoons, 2 hrs mid-evening & 5 hrs @ night 2. Get yr own monitor of consumption for £10. The biggest drawbacks to having a #smartmeter are NOT obsession or becoming nerdy – it’s the damn thing not working correctly – or not working at all! esp if you live in a poor signal area! @channel5_tv #channel5
@geezerpaulr said: “Channel 5 pushing the smart meter scam big time tonight !”
@adamdav135 said; “There’s not a chance of me getting a smart meter again. In my last house, the installer damaged my meter box and left without telling me. I challenged them, and they did nothing. Never again.”