The UK Radiation Research Trust (RRT) would like to thank fellow trustee Dr Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP and her team for providing the RRT with an opportunity to make some suggestions/amendments to the Ries Report before it went to formal recommendation.

Dr Caroline Lucas is delighted that these amendments were passed and that the report as a whole has been adopted. It will now come before plenary which is the entire European Parliament. It is important to understand that the report is ‘own initiative’ it is not a response to legislative proposals from the European Commission. If adopted it will indicate that the Parliament wants the Commission to review the scientific basis and adequacy of the EMF limits as in Recommendation 1999/519/EC and report back to MEPs.

The Radiation Research Trust strongly encourages you to lobby your MEP to vote for the recommendations contained within the Ries Report when it goes to the plenary vote.

The committee passed the amendments to be included in the report when it goes to plenary vote with 43 votes for to 1 against (3 abstained).

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