The Green Party has put forward a motion stating that it should take a clear and publicly recognised position on the subject of electromagnetic radiation that all its members, whether in Parliament or not, can use as a reference point, covering the following key points:

  1. They recommend the adoption of an overall limit to exposure of the general public: 0.6 V/m for hyper-frequencies (GSM 900, GSM 1800, UMTS, Wi-fi, Wi-max, DECT, etc) and 0.25 micro Tesla for extremely low frequencies (electric current, HT and VHT power lines, transformers, etc).
  2. The Green Party accepts the development of technologies making use of electromagnetic radiation as long as these limits are observed.
  3. The Green Party requests epidemiological studies of cumulative exposure to the various frequency ranges.
  4. The Green Party asks that a government organisation, independent of the industry, be set up with the purpose of evaluating the levels of radiation to which the public are exposed in their daily life.
  5. The Green Party recommends imposing an obligation to include information on the electromagnetic factor in studies assessing the impact of installing equipment and structures that emit electromagnetic radiation.
  6. The Green Party asks that legislation progress to include a section on environmental health, under the wing of three ministries: industry, environment and health.
  7. The Green Party asks our parliamentary members to take an active part in discussion of this question in order to achieve advances in the legislation.

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