A physician and member of the Swiss parliament, Christian van Singer, has put forward a motion aimed towards the reduction in general exposure and overall protection of those members of the public with sensitivities to electromagnetic radiation, citing 0.3 V/m as the level to be achieved.

In accordance with article 160, clause 1 of the Constitution and with article 107 of the law on Parliamentary proceedings, I propose the following Bill: Legislation will institute regulations imposing the obligation for consumer products that cause electrosmog to be labelled with the level of radiation they emit and authorising local authorities to designate areas and places with a low level of electrosmog.

Moreover a study by the Institutes of social and preventive medicine at the Universities of Basel and Berne reveals that the level of radiation to which the public are subjected has multiplied by ten in the last twenty years. In addition many studies show that people who are electro-hypersensitive are affected by electrosmog and suffer from disturbed sleep and other health problems.

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