MEPs Elizabeth Lynne, Kathy Sinnott and Carl Schlyter have written a declaration to the European Parliament on the risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields resulting from the use of wireless technology, calling for 6 primary issues to be addressed.

  1. Calls on the Commission and the Member States to facilitate further research into the risks to human health posed by the use of such equipment, so that Member States can adopt legislation on the basis of reliable data;
  2. Calls on the Member States to adopt the Liechtenstein legislation which sets an exposure limit of 0.6 V/m for mobile phone transmission antennas in sensitive areas such as homes, schools and workplaces;
  3. Calls on the Member States to produce information to make the public aware of the possible health risks of exposure to EMF radiation;
  4. Calls for independently funded research into electrohypersensitivity, which is recognised as a disability in Sweden;
  5. Calls on the Commission and the Member States to consider promoting wired technologies for data communication instead of radio or microwave wireless technologies;
  6. Instructs its President to forward this declaration, together with the names of the signatories, to the Council.

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