Research Article published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Public Health.

Lennart Hardell1* and Mona Nilsson2

Abstract Installation of the fifth generation (5G) for radiofrequency radiation started in Sweden in 2019/2020. Since then there has been a rapid development of this technology in the whole country. In previous case reports we have presented persons that developed the microwave syndrome caused by the radiation after installation of 5G in their neighborhood. Mostly these former healthy persons have tolerated previous generations such as 3G and 4G. After moving to another place without 5G the microwave syndrome disappeared in short time. Thus 5G seems to be a culprit for ill health, and these 5G exposure studies correspond to classic provocation tests on effects on well-being. This article presents a woman aged 82 years with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) since almost four decades. After deployment of 5G base stations close to her living place she developed severe ill health including fatigue, dysesthesia, dizziness, balance disorder, and light sensitivity that all are included in the microwave syndrome. Also her 83 years old husband was affected, although to a minor extent. The ethical and moral principles in medicine that can be adopted for RF radiation illness are respect for life, human dignity, self-determination, medical care, justice, and benefit. These principles are central for ethics among physicists and other health care staff. All these principles were violated and in fact microwave illness with the variety of symptoms is not acknowledged as a disease by the medical community. This is mostly based on lack of scientific knowledge on this topic.