In the “Earth and Environmental Science” section of the Institute of Physics Conference Series, the IOP have published a number of papers from both sides of the debate looking at EMFs, health, and the precautionary principle.

The list of papers available are as follows:

  • Science and precautionary measures in EMF policy, by Mike Repacholi
  • Methodological approach to EMF protection standards, by Paolo Vecchia
  • Electromagnetic fields and the public: EMF standards and estimation of risk, by Yury Grigoriev
  • Human health effects of EMFs: The cost of doing nothing, by David O Carpenter
  • Aspects of studies on the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity, by Olle Johansson
  • Medical applications of electromagnetic fields, by Henry C Lai and Narendra P Singh
  • Building health: The need for electromagnetic hygiene?, by Isaac A Jamieson, Paul Holdstock, Helen M ApSimon and J Nigel B Bell
  • Ways forward in public scientific controversies, by Mike O’Carroll
  • Intelligent communication: The future of EMF discourse and risk governance?, by Isaac A Jamieson

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