At a scientific conference on 27th November 2007 entitled-“Are Present ICNIRP EMF Exposure Recommendations Adequate?”, hosted by Roger Coghill and Robert Verkerk, at the Royal Society, London, scientists endorsed the BioInitiative Report, extended the 2006 Benevento Resolution and resolved that: “We, the undersigned, do call on the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA), UK Government and all the health protection agencies and governments world-wide, to take note of the findings and recommendations in the Bioinitiative Report (2007) and its predecessors the Benevento Resolution (2006), the Catania Resolution (2002) and the Salzburg Resolution (2000) to immediately reduce the guidelines for exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RF) and extremely low-frequency electromagnetic1 fields (ELF-EMF) for the following reasons:

  • The overwhelming evidence of adverse non-thermal health effects at exposures many times below the current guidelines.
  • The near 100% penetration of the market in Europe, the USA and many other markets by mobile phones and increasing penetration elsewhere.
  • The vast proliferation of wireless networks and devices beyond those envisaged at the time the current guidelines were set.

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