Eileen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and discovered a cancer/illness cluster surrounding the phone mast/cell tower and has continued to campaign to highlight the risks associated with this technology.

HIGHLIGHTS from 2002 

Co-founder and Charity Director for the Radiation Research Trust (RRT) 2003 to date: www.radiationresearch.org

Co-founder and Board member for the International EMF Alliance 2009 to date: http://www.iemfa.org

Member of the European Commission Stakeholder Dialogue Group on EMF (helped the EU Commission to form group) 2011 – 2014

Member of UK Health Protection Agency – Radiation Protection Division EMF Discussion Group Chaired by Sir William Stewart HPA Chairman 2006-2008

Co-Founder and Chair of SCRAM (Seriously Concerned Residents against Masts)  2002 – 2005

Download here: Eileen O’Connor Campaign action 2002 – 2023