Save the Males

The evidence of mobile phone use affecting male fertility is fast increasing, and it’s almost universally demonstrating a problem, yet the public are blissfully unaware. This campaign is aimed at raising awareness in the general public, particularly young males, of the possible implications of heavy mobile phone use on their fertility.

Mobile Phone Masts

At the moment, health is not permitted for consideration in mobile phone mast planning applications. This campaign is aimed towards ensuring that both health, and concern for possible health, are considered as material planning considerations.

Mobile Phones

With a large evidence base on phone use and both brain tumours (now the biggest childhood cancer killer) and fertility, it is high time that the public’s awareness of the possible dangers was increased. This campaign is aimed towards promoting the idea of warning information on phone boxes and the provision of Government advice to minimise exposure being provided with every phone sold.


The Government have rejected the idea of a no-build corridor around powerlines as being prohibitively expensive, but in reality this is only really true for existing installations. This campaign is aimed towards informing distribution companies and housing developers of the potential cost benefit of alternative siting and undergrounding of overhead transmission lines with regards to increased house value – with the additional benefit of reducing the risk to children’s health

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Thousands of people are forced out of their homes and jobs due to being unable to work with this crippling disability. This campaign is aimed towards getting recognition for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity as a functional impairment that entitles the sufferer to full state support, including disability living allowance.

Our Goals


… to the public: Present the reality of the victims of EMFs to those that are unaware, and present solutions in the form of actions and how they can help, both with donations and actively lobbying as individuals
… to politicians: Highlight the political problems faced from the issues arising from EMFs, and the solutions that are available for the politicians to demonstrate they are addressing the issues
… to scientists: Less of the actions and policy communications, as these won’t be well received. Focus instead on the large uncertainty on the science, and the difficulty of achieving biological plausibility in areas of health where mechanisms are so poorly understood.


The RRT aims to uphold the welfare of the general public, and we will soon have more individual case studies to demonstrate that there are those who are genuinely suffering on our key issues. This is designed to show the reality of how EMFs have made life for some people – both ES sufferers and victims of childhood leukaemia and brain tumours.


The RRT will soon have a collection of form letters on individual campaigns so that members of the public can easily send letters (or, hopefully, emails) straight to their MPs regarding key issues. The RRT should works with other similar organisations that have similar goals and objectives, particularly with the aim of enabling the most effective campaigns to have the greatest impact.


The RRT stands for the rights of the individuals to be heard, and this is why much of the work done is in conjunction with Members of Parliament. However, due to limited resources, we are not able to dedicate resources to individual request for help and support, but are happy to recommend alternative organisations for individuals that are set up to help them.