RANCHO SANTA FE — The controversy over whether cell phones cause cancer is heating up again with the release of the iPhone 4. There is even speculation that Steve Jobs is finally acknowledging the health risks of radiation by designing a cell phone that works best when it is not held by hand.

The story unfolded last week as Ellie Marks visited Rancho Santa Fe to collaborate on a book about cell phone-related cancer victims with medical social worker and writer Susan Foster. Marks and at least two doctors are willing to go on record saying they believe her husband Alan’s brain tumor diagnosis can be attributed to 20 years of cell phone use as a real estate investor and broker. Marks has appeared on “Larry King Live,” “Dr. Oz Show” and “The FOX Report with Shepard Smith.” Ellie and Alan Marks made news again June 15 when their activism culminated in San Francisco becoming the first city in the nation to require that retailers post cell phone radiation levels.

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