‘After being presented with evidence of wireless radiation’s negative health impacts, the Board of Representatives in Stamford, Connecticut, voted to reject an agreement that would have allowed telecommunications carriers to install 5G equipment on city-owned utility poles.

The Board of Representatives in Stamford, Connecticut, earlier this month voted to reject a model agreement that would have allowed AT&T and Verizon to install 5G equipment on city-owned utility poles.

In a bid to get 5G swiftly installed in his state, Gov. Ned Lamont’s office created a template contract between the nation’s top two telecommunication carriers and the state’s five major cities.

Stamford, the state’s second-largest city, is the only city so far to have voted against using the contract. Twenty-one representatives voted against the pact. Five were in favor and eight abstained.

Commenting on the city’s decision, W. Scott McCollough, chief litigator for Children Health Defense’s (CHD) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) cases, told The Defender, “I applaud Stamford’s principled stand.”

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