Email for the attention of Chloe Timm, (Case Officer)


EM Radiation Research Trust Chairman, Mr Brian Stein CBE

Councillors Meads Ward

Barry Taylor –

Jane Lamb –

Robert Smart –

17th August 2022

Dear Chloe Timm,

I formally give notice of objection against application 220604 16m street mast and additional equipment cabinets, Dukes Drive EASTBOURNE E. Sussex

I am appealing to Eastbourne E. Sussex Council to refuse a phone mast application.

This mast application is close to a populated area.  It is also within Dukes Drive is in the Meads Conservation area. It is also near Bede Nursery School, The Lodge Nursery School, Bede Prep School, St Andrews Prep School and a school boarding house.

I call on Eastbourne E. Sussex to protect the health and safety of the local community along with protecting the local area from the visual impacts associated with the clutter associated with the ancillary works and the overpowering visual impact of a mast creating a blight on the landscape. The mast would be a constant reminder to the risks it poses causing fear, stress, and anxiety for the local community, this is a material consideration and should be taken into account.

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