Hutchison Networks (UK Ltd) are appealing to the Planning Inspectorate for a mast that was refused by Birmingham City Council

DEADLINE 07 September 2022
Quote Planning Inspectorate Appeal Ref: APP/P4605/W/22/3299274
Council Reference 2021/10032/PA and site address BHM19716 for Hutchison Networks (UK Ltd) – Moor End Lane, Streetworks, Moor Lane, Erdington B24 9DL
The EM Radiation Research Trust (RRT) sent a letter of objection to the UK PLANNING INSPECTORATE following an appeal from Hutchison who are calling on the Inspectorate to overturn the original decision by Birmingham City Council who rejected the 5G mast.
The RRT is calling for support. Please object to the Planning Inspectorate calling on them to uphold Birmingham City Councils original decision to reject the mast application.
Send your complaint to Sarah Hardy (Case Officer) at the Planning Inspectorate site:
Or send a hard copy via post to :
Sarah Hardy (Case Officer),
The Planning Inspectorate,
3C Eagle Wing,
Temple Quay House,
2 The Square,
Temple Quay,
Quote Planning Inspectorate Appeal Ref: APP/P4605/W/22/3299274
Download the EM Radiation Research Trust letter sent to the Planning Inspectorate here:

Erdington phone mast – appeal to planning inspectorate