The International EMF Collaborative, an initiative involving concerned scientists and organisations world-wide, have posted a 7 page commentary on the recently released INTERPHONE results.

First promised for publication in 2005, partial results from the 13-country Telecom funded Interphone study of brain tumors from 2000-2004 are finally available. The study finds no general increase in risk of brain tumors, but does find that people who have used phones heavily for a decade have a doubled to quadrupled risk of two types of brain tumors – glioma and meningioma. The average user in the Interphone study used a phone for two hours a month, which is close to the amount of use by many people in a single day. Six years after completion of data collection, results for tumors of the acoustic nerve (acoustic neuroma), and salivary gland tumors remain unpublished.

Lloyd Morgan has also produced a video presentation discussing these issues in greater detail.

[Download PDF Here]