Devra Davis has put together an excellent briefing document on a campaign for safer cell phones, with the following call to action:
  • Inform the public about known and suspected health impacts of electromagnetic radiation, especially on children.
    Some studies have found that after a decade of heavy cell phone use, brain tumor risks double in adults and quadruple in those who started to use cell phones as teenagers.
  • Advise that phones should not be held at the head or on the body when in standby mode or used at all when the signal strength is weak.
  • Require that manufacturers sell cell phones with earpieces, speakerphone option, and WARNING LABELS.
  • Review and revise safety standards with state of the art independent science with head and body models for persons of different ages and genders.
  • Support major, long-term, multidisciplinary independent research and training programs on cell phones and health (funded by manufacturers providing fees currently placed on cell phone bills).
  • Require pre-market health and safety testing and post-market safety surveillance

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