This superimposed photo shows how the mast would have looked at Woughton on the Green


By Sally Murrer

Tuesday, 14th June 2022,

Residents have won a David and Goliath battle to stop a giant 5G mast from being sited right next to their conservation area.

People in Woughton on the Green were furious last year when they saw the planning application from CK Hutchinson, a global telecom infrastructure company.

They wanted to site a 59ft tall 5G mast n Newport Road, right beside scenic parkland and just 21 metres away from the Protected Ancient Monument site of a medieval sunken

The mast, which would be opposite a grade 11 listed thatched cottage, would be totally out of place a real blot on the landscape, said the residents, who were backed by the Parks Trust and their parish council.

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